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How to collect user steps using StoriesOnBoard AI
How to collect user steps using StoriesOnBoard AI

Learn how to collect user steps for user goals using StoriesOnBoard AI.

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What is a user step

User steps are tasks that the users have to do to reach their goals.

During the story mapping session, you should collect all the interactions that belong to the user goal.

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User steps are organized into the second row on the story map, and similarly to user goals, we recommend ordering them into the narrative flow. So you can easily retell the user journey by reading steps from left to right.

User goals and user steps make the Product Backbone.

How to collect user steps with StoriesOnBoard AI

If StoriesOnBoard AI is enabled on your workspace and you filled out the product context form then you can collect user steps to any user goals you have in seconds. This not only save time to launch a new product and quickly build up its backbone but also can help to identify missing user steps in an existing product.

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To collect user steps follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure StoriesOnBoard AI is enabled on your workspace

  2. Make sure that the product context form is filled out

  3. Click on the user goal card and select "Collect user steps"

  4. Select user steps to be added to the backlog


  • Similar to user goals, the results improve if you've already added some user steps to the goal.

  • Some user goals contain a few steps, while others have a broad narrative flow with multiple steps. If the resulting user steps are too small (more like a user story), it means you probably don't need to add more steps.

  • User steps don't always appear in narrative order; after adding them to the story map, you should rearrange them.

  • Always check the resulting user steps before adding them to the board - repeated steps may occur.

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