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How to brainstorm user stories using StoriesOnBoard AI
How to brainstorm user stories using StoriesOnBoard AI

Learn how to brainstorm user stories in seconds with StoriesOnBoard AI.

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What is a user story

A user story is a short, simple description of a feature the end user would like to see. It describes the benefit to the end user and what they want from your product. User stories are written in plain language that’s easy for everyone on the team to understand. That includes any potential members of your target audience. Instead of focusing on what the system should do, the user story captures what the user wants.

How to brainstorm user stories using StoriesOnBoard AI

After building the story map's backbone (user goals and steps), you can start brainstorming your first user stories. StoriesOnBoard AI can be used to brainstorm user stories to any user steps if you build a new product from scratch or if you improve an existing solution.

StoriesOnBoard AI shortens all user stories into a form that fits cards — you can write the standard user story form (As a user... I want to... So that...) into the card details or ask the AI to write it.

Brainstorm user stories in seconds and save a great amount of time following the steps below:

  1. Make sure StoriesOnBoard AI is enabled on your workspace

  2. Make sure that the product context form is filled out

  3. Click on the user step card and select "Brainstorm user stories"

  4. Select user stories to be added to the backlog


  • Existing user stories can also improve results here as well.

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