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How to define product context for StoriesOnBoard AI
How to define product context for StoriesOnBoard AI

Learn how to define product context about your solution.

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Product context overview

To put StoriesOnBoard AI into the picture and provide a proper result when you ask something from the AI, you need to specify a few things about your product. This description can be entered individually into each story map — it allows you to experiment with different product ideas or narrow the scope to a product component.

Mandatory fields

Three mandatory fields must be filled with information:

  • Product type: Enter the category e.g.: SaaS Roadmap tool

  • Purpose: What is the main problem that the product solves? You can summarize it into a single sentence.

  • Key features: What core and key features should be included in the product? For example, inviting teammates, exporting data, etc. You can enter features in a bullet list or separate them with a comma. You don't need to write full sentences.

Optional fields

Additional fields help you give more detail so the AI can brainstorm more refined ideas.

  • Target users: list user personas e.g.: Influencers, Marketing manager — you can enter multiple personas.

  • Platform/compatibility: here, you can tell a bit more about the technical stuff e.g.: web-based software, mobile app, etc.

  • Pricing model: If any payment or subscription related tasks are involved in your product, then share it with the AI.

  • Additional notes: anything you want to tell about the product beyond the provided information.

After entering all the information, the AI will review it and alert you if anything is unclear.

How to define product context

  1. Open the story map

  2. Go to “About this board” settings

  3. Click on “Add product description”

  4. Fill product details

  5. Save details

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