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How to get started with StoriesOnBoard AI
How to get started with StoriesOnBoard AI

Learn how StoriesOnBoard AI can deliver great power for your workflow.

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Purpose of StoriesOnBoard AI

Although StoriesOnBoard AI could be quite effective at building user story maps even from scratch, the main goal of AI Assist is to:

  • teach beginners how to build a user story map

  • brainstorm new backlog items (user goals, steps, user stories) for an existing story map

  • save time on writing user stories and acceptance criteria

  • write a short summary of a release for stakeholders

  • write a release summary (or at least provide input)

Take StoriesOnBoard AI as an additional person in your team offering you ideas and assisting with repetitive tasks.

Features of StoriesOnBoard AI

How can I use StoriesOnBoard AI in my projects?

To take advantage of StoriesOnBoard AI you have two workflows available:

  1. Create a new story map and build a product from scratch with StoriesOnBoard AI

  2. Open an existing story map and improve your product

Create a new product from scratch

In this case, you can create a new story map and build a new product from the beginning. Use StoriesOnBoard AI to collect user goals based on the entered data in the product context. Once you have user goals, collect user steps for the collected goals to complete the backbone of the product which also indicates various user journeys at this point. The next step is the process of brainstorming user stories for each user step. Then write acceptance criteria for each of your user stories using StoriesOnBoard AI.

Once you created your releases and sorted your user stories, StoriesOnBoard AI also helps with writing release summaries and release announcements. This allows us to have an immediate overview of what is happening in the particular release and what is expected to be delivered.

Improve an existing product

Use StoriesOnBoard AI to improve one of your existing products or solutions. Open any of your story maps, then as a first step provide details in product context about your solution. Then utilize StoriesOnBoard AI to collect missing user goals or steps that can further enhance your product and result in additional opportunities to increase the success of your solution. You can also brainstorm additional user stories or use StoriesOnBoard AI to write acceptance criteria for one of your existing user stories.

To save a great amount of time, you can use StoriesOnBoard AI to generate a release summary or release announcement of your existing releases. This way you can have an instant report ready with all necessary information in your hand to deliver critical details to stakeholders at any time during the development.

Try StoriesOnBoard AI

To get started with StoriesOnBoard AI, first the Subscription Admin of the workspace needs to enable this functionality.

Once you have StoriesOnBoard AI up and running, you start by entering details in the product context.

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