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How to enable / disable StoriesOnBoard AI
How to enable / disable StoriesOnBoard AI

Learn more about who can enable or disable StoriesOnBoard AI and how.

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About StoriesOnBoard AI

Although StoriesOnBoard AI could be quite effective at building user story maps even from scratch, the main goal of AI Assist is to:

  • teach beginners how to build a user story map

  • brainstorm new backlog items (user goals, steps, user stories) for an existing story map

  • save time on writing user stories and acceptance criteria

  • write a short summary of a release for stakeholders

  • write a release summary (or at least provide input)

Take StoriesOnBoard AI as an additional person in your team offering you ideas and assisting with repetitive tasks.

Who can manage StoriesOnBoard AI?

StoriesOnBoard AI can be enabled or disabled by only the Subscription Admins of the workspace. If you wish to try StoriesOnBoard AI out, please contact the Subscription Admin of your workspace to enable it.

Only Subscription Admin can enable or disable StoriesOnBoard AI on the workspace.

How to enable StoriesOnBoard AI

If you are a Subscription Admin on your workspace you can enable StoriesOnBoard AI as following to turn it into your advantage:

  1. Select “AI Assist” from the menu

  2. Click on “Request Access”

  3. Proceed with “Agree and continue”

  4. Get started with StoriesOnBoard AI

How to disable StoriesOnBoard AI

You can disable StoriesOnBoard AI at any time if you wish to no longer use it. To turn off StoriesOnBoard AI follow the steps below:

  1. Select “AI Assist” from the menu

  2. Click on “Disable AI Assist”

  3. Confirm your decision

Subscription Admin can enable StoriesOnBoard AI once again in the feature if required.

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