July 2023

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July 4

Products - A new way to elevate product teams’ collaboration

We're excited to announce the launch of our latest feature, Products. This powerful new feature brings another level of organization and focuses to your work, allowing teams to group assets, story maps, roadmaps, and attachments into individual team spaces.

Let’s have a list of what’s updated.

Products — a new hierarchy level within your StoriesOnBoard workspace

From now you can create products within your workspace to separate assets like story maps and roadmaps by products or product lines. Plus, you can align your teams to products as well. Users will see assets only on products where they are assigned.

Powerful product dashboard

Product dashboards allow you to overview all product assets without jumping between menus. All the crucial information is organized into containers and widgets. Stay tuned. More customization features are on the way.

Hit the down arrow on the product selector to jump to another product, create a new product, or go to the product list page.

Easy-to-use user management

The Users menu is now extended with the list of the products, so overviewing members’ access to products. Workspace admins can easily add or remove users among products.

Quick invite and sharing options

If you invite a new team member, adding them to various products and assets is just a few clicks away.

No-brainer migration

Already struggling with multiple products and teams within your workspace?

Start creating products, and sort your assets.

Quick facts about the migration:

  • Only Subscription admins and Workspace admins can create products and move items between products.

  • You can move multiple assets with one step.

  • Moving story maps and roadmaps to a new product will add the users to the product as well.

  • You can still use collections within a product to organize story maps.

  • Moving linked story maps and roadmaps in two steps will keep the connection intact.

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