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How to create and manage products
How to create and manage products

Learn how you can manage your products within your workspace.

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Who can create and manage products

As products aim to enhance efficiency of teamwork and eliminate unauthorized user access to assets, only Workspace Admin and Subscription Admin can create/delete product entity. Their responsibility to oversee products and migrate assets between products.

Only Workspace Admin and Subscription Admin can perform the following activities:

  • create products

  • delete products

  • migrate assets between products

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How to create a new product

  1. Visit the side menu and navigate to products

  2. Select “Create new product”

  3. Name the product

  4. Click to “Create”

How to edit product name or URL

  1. Open product you want to edit

  2. Select “Settings”

  3. Click on “Product Settings”

  4. Update product title or URL

  5. Save changes

Please keep in mind if you change the URL of the product, it will no longer be available on its former URL. After you save the new settings, you will be redirected to the new address.

Who can add members to products

Subscription Admin and Workspace Admin

  • can invite new users to products even if users are not present on the workspace yet. In case a new user is invited to the workspace, they will be added to a product or products if required.

  • can access every products and oversee all users on the workspace and on products

  • can add or remove users from products


  • can invite new user to those products only where the member itself has access to

  • can add user to product assets where the member itself has the right to add users (e.g., the member is a story map admin or member on a roadmap)

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How to create assets on products

You can create the following assets on products:

  • story maps

    • user personas

  • roadmaps

  • feedback management

    • insights

    • ideas

    • portals

  • product attachments

How to delete a product

  1. In the left side menu go to products and enable the product list

  2. Select "All products"

  3. Find the product you wish to delete

  4. Click to the three dots menu

  5. Select "Delete"

  6. Confirm your decision and delete product

Please keep in mind if you delete a product you will also remove all assets on the particular product. Be aware that this action can not be reversed.

Who can move assets between products

Only Subscription Admin and Workspace Admin have the privilege to move assets between products. If you do not have the necessary user level to move your assets between products, please contact to one of the the Subscription Admins or Workspace Admins of your workspace. In case you require any additional help on this matter, feel free to contact us via the built-in live chat.

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