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What are products on StoriesOnBoard
What are products on StoriesOnBoard

Learn more about Products and see how it can help you.

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What are products?

Products are shared team spaces where dedicated teams can isolate and manage a single product or an entire product line with their related assets (story maps, user personas, roadmaps, insights, ideas, portals).

Creating separate products on the workspace allows organizations to isolate teams who works on the particular product. This approach is crucial when your organization runs multiple projects at the same time for various clients. Establishing products on the workspace will eliminate the possibility for users to access unauthorized projects or documents.

This isolated product entity helps teams to stay focused and find everything at a single interface saving time accessing relevant product assets.

Use cases - How products can help?

Product help when:

  • a product team works on multiple products, so you can organize assets and oversee each project more efficiently

  • multiple product teams work on multiple products - products allow team members to work separately without disturbing each other, spamming the collaborative space

  • teams are working with different customers at the same time - products provide an additional security layer so teams can’t access other products unless they are also assigned to multiple products

  • stakeholders need to oversee the entire product related activities and access documents - the product interface allows to collect all necessary information, documents, links on a single dashboard using products attachments

Who can manage products?

As products aim to enhance efficiency of teamwork and eliminate unauthorized user access to assets, only Workspace Admin and Subscription Admin can create/delete product entity. Their responsibility to oversee products and migrate assets between products.

Only Workspace Admin and Subscription Admin can perform the following activities:

  • create products

  • delete products

  • migrate assets between products

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Who can invite users for a product?

Workspace Admin and Subscription Admin can:

  • invite new users to products even if users are not present on the workspace yet. In case a new user is invited to the workspace, they will be added to a product or products if required.

  • access every products and oversee all users on the workspace

  • add or remove users from products

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Product access management

What assets are available on products?

A product contains the following assets:

  • story maps

    • user personas

  • roadmaps

  • feedback management

    • insights

    • ideas

    • portals

  • product attachments

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What is a product dashboard?

Each product has its own dashboard to provide up-to-date overview of the product for the entire team. Product dashboard provides quick access to all product related assets. It also displays the team members and additional product attachments if there are any. Admins and Members can quickly invite or add users to the product or view product settings on the dashboard.

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