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Introducing Products
Introducing Products

Products — a new hierarchy level within your StoriesOnBoard workspace

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Products — a new hierarchy level within your StoriesOnBoard workspace

We're absolutely thrilled to announce the arrival of our new feature "Products" on StoriesOnBoard! 🚀

Products empowers you to arrange your assets - including story maps, roadmaps, insights, ideas, and even teams - into shared, collaborative spaces. Plus, a brand new comprehensive product dashboard enables team members to quickly overview and navigate among all product-related assets on a single screen. But that's not all... You also have the capability to gather and share external documents and links on this product dashboard. There's so much more to explore with these updates. So why wait?

💡 Read more about how Products can revolutionize your work in StoriesOnBoard.

Elevate product teams’ collaboration with Products

This powerful new feature brings another level of organization and focus to your work, allowing teams to group assets, story maps, roadmaps, and attachments into individual team spaces.

Powerful product dashboard

Product dashboards allows you to overview all product assets without jumping between menus. All the crucial information are organized into containers and widgets. Stay tuned, more customization features are on the way.

Easy-to-use user management

User menu is now extended with the list of the products, so overviewing members’ access to products. Workspace admins can easily add or remove users among products.

Quick invite and sharing options

If you invite a new team member, adding them to various products and assets is just a few clicks away.

💡 Tip - Learn more about How to invite or add users to products

No-brainer migration

Already struggling with multiple products and teams within your workspace? Start creating products, and sort your assets.

💡 Tip - Learn more about How to move assets between products

Talk to an expert

If you need any assistance to find the best way to start, talk to an expert and get personal guidance to get started in minutes. - Book a product walkthrough.

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