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Trello integration
Connection overview between StoriesOnBoard and Trello
Connection overview between StoriesOnBoard and Trello

Learn how can a story map interact with a Trello board

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StoriesOnBoard story map & Trello Lists

The story map provides a visual design of the product backlog and it enables a rich in detail overview of the entire product ensuring transparency and shared understanding among stakeholders. This includes defining user personas, custom card templates, custom card annotations, releases with a dedicated release view and reports (status and estimation reports are available). The Search & filter function enables endless options to find and highlight critical information over a discussion e.g. displaying a specific user persona’s journey.

We advise to plan your product in StoriesOnBoard. Over a story mapping workshop collect the main goals and steps your users will take and collect user stories and organize them into releases. Once you have the desired content in depth, push cards or entire releases to the selected Trello list. Once a card is connected to Trello, all changes e.g. card title, description and status will be synced.

Using Trello Power-up will enable additional information on tickets to support your team. This allows to also sync further information between StoriesOnBoard and Trello e.g. card annotations, estimation value, release information, card color and even display the related goal and step as well.

In case of linked cards between the two platform any changes as described above will be applied in both tools.

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Trello Power-Up settings

Using Trello Power-Up the connection between StoriesOnBoard and Trello can be supercharged. You can setup what information you want to display on Trello cards from StoriesOnBoard. It allows teams to see the context (goals, steps), estimation and release details or even display custom card annotations origin from the story map.

StoriesOnBoard card & Trello card details with Trello Power-up

Cards can be modified in either of StoriesOnBoard or Trello. Modifying any synchronized details will take impact on both platform.

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