Connect your story map to a Trello board

I assume that you already have a story map and a board and in Trello and lists are also defined on that board. Please create them if they do not exist yet. I’m using the MapShop sample map in this guide.

  1. In StoriesOnBoard open the story map and from there open Board settings

2. On the Issue tracker integration tab select Trello and click Connect (watch out for the possibly blocked pop-up!)

3. Allow StoriesOnBoard to create and update cards on behalf of the logged-in user by clicking on the Allow button.

The popup window should close after that.

4. Select the Trello board you’d like to sync with and click on Link board

5. Select the Trello list where new cards should appear when they are sent to Trello

6. Map Trello lists to StoriesOnBoard card statuses

Similar to the setup above is recommended for most projects. It means that on your story maps you’ll get a higher level (aggregated) overview, where you can plan your releases and in Trello, you’ll have the detailed lists needed for the implementation (of course in Trello, you can have as fine-grained process as you need for your projects).

7. Select which fields you’d like to sync with Trello

If sync name and description changes are checked, when a title or description changes in Trello or on your story map, the changes will be also visible in the other system.

8. Allow importing of new cards from Trello for story map collaborators

If checked, a new menu appears on the board where non-admin collaborators can also import new cards from Trello. 

9. Connect your map with the Trello board by saving the settings. A confirmation will be asked because after establishing the connection to a Trello board, the cards’           statuses will be set by the connected Trello cards’ statuses, which means you won’t be able to change them on the board and now they are all being reset to “Todo”.

10. If the connection is established, you’ll see the following message on the top of the      settings dialog:

There you can

  • disable integration temporarily, if you don’t want to send new cards to Trello or sync their statuses, title, and description for a while in either of the systems.

  • unlink board, if you’d like to connect your story map to another board in Trello (selecting another board will delete connections between StoriesOnBoard  and Trello cards!)

  • disconnect Trello, if you’d like to connect to Trello with another user or connect to a different tool like JIRA or Pivotal Tracker.

Congratulations! Your story map is connected to a Trello board.

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