How to push cards into Trello lists

Learn how to push a card from the story map into Trello lists.

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Once your cards have all required information, they can be pushed into Trello lists for execution. There are multiple options to push cards to Trello:

  • push a single card to Trello

  • push multiple selected cards at once to Trello

  • push entire release with all its cards to Trello

Please note before pushing cards to Trello, you need to visit “Integration settings” on the story map to select the right Trello list you wish to push cards into. You can use this setting until you need to push into an alternative Trello lists. If you need to push cards into another list visit Integration settings to modify your settings.

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Push a single card to Trello

Push multiple selected cards to Trello

Push an entire release with all its cards to Trello

Learn more about Trello integration:

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