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This article is about the release view in StoriesOnBoard
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What is Release view?

Release view is basically a simplified list view of a release on a story map which can be helpful on large maps to track the status of the project. Release view can be shared via a link to show the team or stakeholders the currently important part of the story map.

How can you access it?

Release view can be accessed from both views of the story map list.

And also directly from the story map.

Release view will provide a simplified list of stories based on their status. Hovering on a card will show the parents of the card above the cursor and on the backbone view and statuses can be changed by drag and drop.

Changing the status is also available from the card details window by clicking on a card.

This window is capable of editing the details and leaving comments.

The dedicated link copy button is next to the feedback icons on the right side.

Sharing the URL of the release view

Sharing the URL of the Release view with your customers or internal stakeholders gives them an easy-to-understand overview of what's going on.

Card estimations also show up on the release view.

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