February 2024

Roadmap improvements

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February 6

Roadmap Export

To make your data more accessible, we added the export feature to the roadmaps. Now, you can make an export in two different ways:

Backlog layout

The backlog layout lets you overview all roadmap card details in one table. This can be useful for sharing it with external stakeholders or doing further calculations (costs etc).

Roadmap layout

The roadmap layout is helpful when you need to keep the context and have a visual overview of the roadmap. This export is frequently requested for offline workshops as well.

To create an export, simply open the Settings menu on the roadmap in the top right corner and pick the selected output format.

Copy roadmap

If you want to share the same roadmap with different audiences and add some tweaks, copying the roadmap can save you a lot of time. You can duplicate the roadmap from the roadmap list screen.

Copy roadmap function

  • copies the roadmap structure (columns and swimlanes)

  • copies the roadmap cards (details)

  • priority scores

  • keeps the sync between the roadmap and story map

This function won't copy user comments on roadmap cards.

Story map export/import is updated with the

Story map Excel export is now extended with the priority scores and values you gave on the Planning view. Moreover, creating a story map from import will update the priority of the imported story map cards.

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