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Learn about the benefits of collapsing top level cards' children on the board.

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Benefits of collapsing top level cards

When a story map gets wide and you need to hide some high level goals and steps to focus on other parts of the user journey, you can collapse top level cards. This enables to focus on relevant areas of the board during planning or a brainstorming discussion. This way a large story map can be turned into a manageable piece.

How to collapse top level cards

To collapse top level cards, select the "Collapse" option on the card.

Collapsed cards enables a better overview of the story map and can drive the focus of team.

How to expand top level cards

To expand top level cards and reinstate their children on the board, select the "Expand" option on the card.

In case you want to focus on a specific release and remove temporarily other elements of the story map you can use focus release.

What is a focus release?

The focus release helps to narrow the focus of the team and concentrate on a single release without any disturbance on the story map. Focus release removes other releases and empty columns from the board to clearly understand the ongoing work and to put in focus what needs to be done.

💡 Tip - Learn more about Focus release

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