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Get an overview how to manage releases on StoriesOnBoard.

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What is release management

Software release management is the process of managing, planning, scheduling a software built and precisely controlled through various stages and environments. This also includes testing and deployment processes.

Delivering a new release means you deliver a new product experience in a form of a new feature to your customers for instance. The release should deliver sufficient value that should improve the end users capability to create additional value or improve their lives in any ways.

For your product team, however, a release is the result of their perfectly structured and delivered plan they aligned their activities with.

How to create your first release:

  1. Click on Release Settings

  2. “Add new release”

  3. Name your release

  4. Fill up your new release with user stories

Step-by-step guide to create a new release:

To create your very first release by selecting the Release Settings on your story map.

Once the Release Settings appears you can click on the “Add new release” button.

To finalize your release edit its name so everyone can see what is your release is about.

That is it! Your first release has been created and ready to be filled up with user stories you want to focus in your release. To move user stories into a release, simply drag and drop user stories to relocate them.

New release can also be added by moving your cursor below user stories of a release when "+ add release" button appears. Then click to create new release instantly.

Release details

StoriesOnBoard allows you to provide details about your releases. You can include information into release details and set start and end date for your release. You also can find status reports by cards or estimated effort in your release summary.

You can see on the story map in the release line a quick summary of the number of cards in the release as well as the estimation if provided.

To open release details to access more information, click on the any release’s name on your story map.

Release view provides the following overview:

  • customize your release details

  • release status (unreleased/released)

  • Start date of the release

  • End date of the release

  • Status reports

    • by cards

    • estimated efforts

Manage releases

You can manage your releases on the Release Settings:

  • Rename release

  • Archive release

  • Delete release

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