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Learn more about the benefits of focus release and how to make release management more efficient.

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What is release management

Software release management is the process of managing, planning, scheduling a software built and precisely controlled through various stages and environments. This also includes testing and deployment processes.

Delivering a new release means you deliver a new product experience in a form of a new feature to your customers for instance. The release should deliver sufficient value that should improve the end users capability to create additional value or improve their lives in any ways.

For your product team, however, a release is the result of their perfectly structured and delivered plan they aligned their activities with.

💡 Tip - Learn more about Release management and how to create your releases.

What is a focus release

The focus release helps to narrow the focus of the team and concentrate on a single release without any disturbance on the story map. Focus release removes other releases and empty columns from the board to clearly understand the ongoing work and to put in focus what needs to be done.

How to use focus release

To enable the focus release view, first you need to decide which release you wish to set the stage for and narrow your focus.

  1. Find the release you want to focus on

  2. Set the desired release to be in focus

  3. Overview the release on a simplified interface

  4. Work on the release you put into the focus

  5. Exit focus release when you are done

To put a release into the focus, find the right release and hover the cursor on the release's name. Then the toolbar will appear and select "Focus release".

Activating the focus release view will temporary hide unnecessarily information on the board.

Once the release focus is activated on a release, goals and step cards without user stories will be hidden as well as additional releases on the board resulting clear overview.

To exit the focus release, simply click on "Exit focus release".

Benefits of using focus release

  • put a release into the focus

  • simplify and gain a clear overview of a wide backlog

  • brainstorm

  • hide releases that are not in the focus

  • hide goals and step cards on the backbone which has no user stories within the release

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