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What are StoriesOnBoard workspaces
What are StoriesOnBoard workspaces

Learn what is a workspace on StoriesOnBoard and how to create one.

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What are StoriesOnBoard workspaces

StoriesOnBoard is a lightweight planning tool that provides user story mapping and end-to-end product management solutions for organizations all around the globe.

When a user registers on StoriesOnBoard, he/she creates a workspace where various assets can be created, managed, stored, and shared with stakeholders.

A workspace is your team's shared space where you and your teammates can work and collaborate on multiple story maps, roadmaps, manage insights, organize ideas, and share them on portals.

Product entities can be created on the workspace to separate different products and user groups or clients within the workspace. Products allow teams to better organize product related assets and share them with dedicated user groups.

A workspace can have multiple Products which are containers for different user sets and assets.

What assets are available on workspaces

You can create and manage the following assets on your workspace:

  • products

  • user story maps

  • roadmaps

  • insights

  • ideas

  • portals

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Who can access the workspace?

Only invited users can access the workspace, user access can be limited by products. Users can be added with various access levels to the workspace in order to grant the right access for all level of stakeholders.

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How to create a workspace

If you don’t have a workspace yet, you can Sign up for a StoriesOnBoard.

In case you have an existing workspace and you need to create an additional workspace, please note that the new workspace will have its own subscription. It will start with a 14 day free trial.

To create new workspace, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit your dashboard

  2. Click on your user

  3. Select “Switch or create workspaces”

  4. Click on “Create a workspace”

Then, provide your new workspace information (Subdomain, Name, Description) and click on “Save“.

Why should you use StoriesOnBoard

Learn more about the Benefits of using StoriesOnBoard.

Getting started with StoriesOnBoard

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