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How to invite user(s) for your workspace
How to invite user(s) for your workspace

Invite team members for your workspace and start collaborate with them.

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What use roles are available on the workspace

When it comes to access management, it is critical for your project who can access your assets and what they can do with them. StoriesOnBoard provides four different levels to manage and control accessibility on your workspace for your users. The following user roles are available on your workspace:

  • Subscription Admin
    Full access to workspace, subscription, billing data, payment details, and integration settings. Can create and manage products on the workspace.

  • Admin
    Can create and manage products. Can configure and edit story maps, insights, ideas, portals, and integration settings. Can manage workspace members (add, remove, set role, remove "can create story map" permission).

  • Member
    Can invite new users to the workspace or to products (if they have invite right) but only to the product they have access to.
    Can create and edit new story maps, insights and ideas. Viewer, Editor or Admin roles are available on the story map.

  • Observer
    Can comment and only Viewer role available on story maps. Limited access to Feedback Management (Portals only).

Who can invite new users for the workspace

Only Subscription Admin and Admin can invite new members to the workspace.

How to invite new user(s) to the workspace

To invite new user(s) to your workspace, please follow the steps below:

  1. Visit your dashboard

  2. Click on “Users”

  3. Select “Invite new user”

  4. Enter user’s email address

  5. Select user role

  6. Assign “Invitation permission”

  7. Provide access to “Story Map” / “Feedback Management”

  8. Click “Save”.

Step-by-step guide to invite user(s) to the workspace

Visit your dashboard and Click on “Users” to access user management interface.

On the user management interface click on “Invite new user”.

To invite new users, provide the user’s email address (add multiple email addresses separated by a comma), select user’s role, invitation permission, and the user’s access. Click save.

How to edit users’ role on the workspace

To edit users’ role on the workspace, visit your “Dashboard” and select “Users”.

The following options can be edited:

  • User’s role

  • Access to Story maps / Feedback management interface

  • Invitation permissions

  • Lock out / Delete user

To find users easily, search by user’s name or email address. Alternatively, list relevant user groups by using the “Filter” options.

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