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Share and Invite Team Members and Observers to Your Story Map
Share and Invite Team Members and Observers to Your Story Map

Learn how to invite team members and stakeholders to contribute and share your story maps with them! This guide takes you step-by-step.

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How does online collaboration benefit your organization?

Online collaboration in organizations can have multiple benefits. It allows for quick and easy sharing of ideas, documents, and more. It also increases engagement between team members, allowing for better efficiency and accountability. Working with those unfamiliar with the process will be easier since everyone can access the same files.

Shared understanding and online collaboration have many positive effects on your business. It helps you increase your team's productivity, and save time and budget.

With StoriesOnBoard you can share your information in real-time and invite others easily.

Read on and find the most suitable sharing option that fits your needs.

How to add workspace members?

In StoriesOnBoard you can add (based on your invitation permissions) users to the story map. While creating a story map select the Story maps menu from the left side panel, then select the Add a new story map menu.

When creating a story map, select Advanced options. Now you need to enter at least a name for your story map to continue. Then on the Collaborators and visibility tab, you can Add workspace members, or Copy users from another story map:

How to add workspace members?

You can add team members to the new story map by selecting one or more team members from the drop-down menu in the Add workspace member(s) field and setting the required role in the Role for selected member(s) drop-down menu (Viewer, Editor, Admin)

As a final step select the Finish button and start the online collaboration.

How to copy users from another story map?

You can use the Copy Users feature to add team members to the current story map from another story map you are collaborating on.

If you select this menu, a pop-up message appears and you can select Select a story map to copy collaborators from by typing in the field or using the triangle icon next to the field.

You can select the user(s) by checking/unchecking the box next to their name. Next, select the Add selected collaborators button and then select the Finish button.

Note: If the selected team member is an Observer in the workspace, you can only assign the Viewer role in the Story map. You can learn more about managing and changing user roles from this article.

How to remove or cancel an invitation?

Workspace administrators and story map administrators can remove a collaborator or cancel an invitation any time from the Users menu on the left side panel:

What is Private link sharing?

It is also possible to share the map via a Private link.

This feature allows team members (Workspace Admins, Admins) to share a story map with a link and send it to trusted contacts. Anyone who has the link can access the information and can view the map in read-only mode. No sign-in is required, but the recipient of the link can always signup and create a new user account to improve the collaboration at any time.

Please check this article to learn more about how to enable and disable Private link sharing. If Commenting and discussion over private link access are enabled, the unauthenticated collaborators can also place their comments on the cards. This feature is available from the Standard plan and above.

How does the invitation link work?

Workspace Admins and Story map Admins can invite others by sending an invitation link directly to them. By copying and sending this link to others, you do not need to wait for the invitation email as the link will immediately redirect the recipient to a quick signup process. After they sign up the story map will be visible and depending on the given permissions it will be editable or read-only.

More sharing options

Under the More sharing options Workspace Admins and Admins can further customize the story map visibility settings. The visibility setting offers the following three choices:

  • Product visible (default): the story map is available for every workspace member collaborating on the same product, but only users with an editor role can make changes to it. Please note, if you create a new story map the default setting will be product visible, but you can change it at any time.

  • Private: the story map can be accessed only by the collaborators of the story map.

Public: everyone who has the URL of the story map can view it without signing in to StoriesOnBoard.

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