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Subscription reminder: new plans are available
Subscription reminder: new plans are available

We’d like to remind you there are new opportunities available on StoriesOnBoard to renew your subscription.

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You may have noticed that we've added some new features recently to StoriesOnBoard. StoriesOnBoard has come a long way, now offering much more than just a great story mapping tool.

From 15 September we offer extended subscription packages for those who'd like to continue using the roadmap, prioritization, and feedback features in addition to story mapping starting in October.

Decide how you want to continue using StoriesOnBoard

  • Stay with the current story mapping-only subscription plan for the same price, or

  • Switch to a Product Management Suite subscription plan, which allows you to use the continuously improved PM functionalities and manage the entire product management process on a single platform.

  • Plus, now you can save up to 30% if you choose an annual PM Suite plan instead of a monthly subscription

Now is the time to try and use the product management features for free and without restrictions until your current subscription period expires. We hope it makes it easier to decide which subscription plan serves best your team.

  • Release roadmap

  • Epic roadmap

  • Portfolio roadmap

  • Value vs. Effort

  • RICE scoring

  • KANO (soon)

  • Portal

  • Insights inbox

  • Idea board

  • Insights automation

  • Smart idea suggestion

  • Email and Zapier integration

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