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In StoriesOnBoard you can easily collect, edit and organize ideas coming from all directions.

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Feedback management tools are located on the left side of the dashboard, and it is designed to organize incoming ideas from your team, partners, or customers at ease.

The two options here are slightly different. Insights are more like the building bricks of ideas, so ideas are the main gathering force in this system, but it is also important to support the ideas with insights from many sources.


To create an idea, click on Ideas on the left side, then the 'Add new idea' on the right.

The ideas creation panel will show up. Here, you can add a title to the idea, describe it, comment, view the linked insights, or add new ones. Also, you can check the status of the idea or add new contact information to it.

Note: the contacts in the insights that are linked to an idea will automatically show up, but it is possible to add other contacts manually if needed.

It is also possible to upvote, add labels, and attachments to the idea as images, as embedded web content, or copy the link of the idea and share it directly with someone.

Next to them in the "..." menu, you can archive the idea, push it to a story map, move to another status, or annotate, which you can also do from the main idea panel on each card.

Ideas can have different statuses and you can move the ideas by drag and drop between them. Customization of the lists is also available, you can rename, move, delete, or add a new list.


Adding a new insight is almost the same as you did with ideas, just select 'Insights' on the left and 'Add new insight' on the right.

Here, you can write a description for the insight, add contact information and save it.

Once you have some ideas and insights, you can link insights to ideas.

Now by opening the idea, the linked insight and the contact information will show up. You can archive or move the insight back to the inbox from its context menu.

Speaking about archives, you can restore or delete both archived insights and ideas.


You can restore or delete from the context menu:


You can restore, delete one by one (context menu), or delete all.

Get insights via email

Feedback and ideas are coming from many directions. In our feedback portal, you can collect ideas via email, which means if your clients are replying to a specific email address, their emails will show up as insights in the Feedback portal.

As the auto-generated email address will probably contain lots of random characters, sharing that would not be recommended. Let me share a few tips according to this:

  • Provide the generated email by cc in the emails for your clients and if they choose to reply all, the copy of their reply will show up as an insight in the Feedback portal

  • The next one is to set up an auto-forward rule in your mailing client, for example, use a filter like from the all the emails will show up as insight in the Feedback portal

  • Also, it is possible to create your email address with your own domain and set up an auto-forward rule in the server settings

  • Gsuite users can create a group on the gsuite admin page, that will create an email like and just need to add the mail generated by the Feedback portal

Push ideas to story maps

Ideas from the Feedback portal can be easily used in the advanced planning phase by pushing them to a story map. You can do that from the dropdown menu of each idea:


Ideas can be differentiated by using labels, which can be found in the ideas context menu:

Label titles and colors are also customizable to make them more relevant.

Labels can be reordered by drag and drop.

Every user on the workspace with member rights can access the feedback management portal.

💡 Tip - Find out more about managing user roles here.

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