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August 2022

Minor improvements

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August 17

Prioritization Frameworks — Make product decisions with confidence

Let us introduce the latest major improvement on StoriesOnBoard. To support better decisions, we added Prioritization frameworks to the roadmap. You switch to the priority view and back to the roadmap view with the toggle on the roadmap header.

Priority frameworks

Two frameworks — Value vs. Effort method and the RICE framework, — are included in the priority view, which are the most popular methods for ranking initiatives or feature backlog items.

After scoring roadmap items, priority scores are visible on the cards when switching back to the roadmap view.

Stay tuned because customization features and new frameworks are on the way.

August 8

Minor updates

  • fixed the issue of the disappearing 'archived cards' link

  • the roadmap title and is now included in the browser tab, so working with multiple tabs is now more convenient

  • the release's title is also visible in the browser tab when you're in the release view

August 1

We added some minor improvements around the roadmap functionality. Here's the list of the latest updates:

Expand/collapse all swimlanes

We added these shortcuts to the top right corner to make it easy to collapse and expand ALL swimlanes and get a quick overlook of your groups.

Improved zoom on the roadmap

Need more space? The zoom function is here to help. We improved heights and widths in the three different zoom settings to provide you with a better user experience.

Recent menu

Last opened roadmaps are now accessible directly from your dashboard. Moreover, you can filter recent items into roadmaps.

Onboarding updates

The 'Create new roadmap' option is added to both the signup process and the 'Quick launch' widget.

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