Adding a new insight is almost the same as you did with ideas, just select 'Insights' on the left and 'Add new insight' on the right.

Here, you can write a description for the insight, add contact information and save it.

Once you have some ideas and insights, you can link insights to ideas.

Now by opening the idea, the linked insight and the contact information will show up. You can archive or move the insight back to the inbox from its context menu.


Tags can be used to provide additional information for insights and to search for them by their tags.

To add tags, just click on the icon on the selected insight:

Once you have some tags, you can add them to any insight by clicking on the tag icon again:

You can use the search bar to filter the insights by their tags:

Tags can be edited or deleted by hovering on them in their dropdown menu:

Custom lists

You can create custom lists in the menu bar next to the insights:

Insights can be moved in custom lists from their "..." menu:

Hovering on custom lists will reveal the options to edit their name or delete them:

Deleting a list will lead to a pop-up window where you can move the insights from the list to another one or archive them:

You can change the order of the lists with a simple drag and drop action:

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