Feedback management tools are located on the left side of the dashboard, and it is designed to organize incoming ideas from your team, partners or customers at ease.

The two options here are slightly different. Insights are more like the building bricks of ideas, so ideas are the main gathering force.

Product insights can take various forms such as product bugs identified by the dev team or feature requests of users. Product feedback can come from a variety of channels, making it quite challenging to keep track of how many users on what channels actually requested a feature. When it comes to priorization and roadmapping, transparency is key. This is why collecting all product-related insights into a single pool is critical.

Incorporating several insights, ideas serve as the middle level in the product feedback hierarchy. Ideas should be created for features that could be pushed to development. So while insights are only crumbs of information, ideas might be putting icing on your donut where several crumbs (or drops) make up that icing.

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