To create an idea, click on Ideas on the left side, then to the 'Add new idea' on the right.

The ideas creation panel will show up. Here, you can add a title to the idea, describe it, comment, view the linked insights, or add new ones. Also, you can check the status of the idea or add new contact information to it.

Note: the contacts in the insights that are linked to an idea will automatically show up, but it is possible to add other contacts manually if needed.

It is also possible to add attachments to the idea as images, as embedded web content, or copy the link of the idea and share it directly with someone.

Next to them in the "..." menu, you can archive the idea, which you can also do from the main idea panel on each card.

Ideas can have different statuses and you can move the ideas by drag and drop between them. Customization of the lists is also available, you can rename, move, delete, or add a new list.

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