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How to search for cards and details on the board - NextGen
How to search for cards and details on the board - NextGen

Learn more about the built-in search capability to find what you need on the board.

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Search overview

When the story map contains many cards it can be completed to find what you are looking for at first sight. The search functionality allows to access cards on the story map that are matching to the set criteria in the search menu. The search option makes it easy to find all information you need on the board.

Where to find the search menu

The search functionality can be used on the story map in various project phases - in discovery, planning or backlog. The search menu has a dedicated panel where search criteria can be set.

What search options are available

You can search in

  • card titles

  • card descriptions

  • comments.

How to use the search functionality

Since the search menu is available in discovery, planing and backlog view you can keep your selected filters to display results even if you switch between the story map’s project phases.

  1. open the story map

  2. go to “Open search settings”

  3. enter the search keyword eg. "product"

  4. select search options (in card titles, card descriptions or in comments)

  5. scroll through the search result list

  6. click on an item in the search list to access its details

Use Filters to narrow your scope

In case you need to find even more specific information on the board, you can use "Filters" to drive communication with the team.

💡 Tip - Learn more about How to use Filters

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