August 2023

StoriesOnBoard AI, NextGen Story map updates

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August 22

StoriesOnBoard AI

We're super excited to introduce StoriesOnBoard's AI Assistance features that go far beyond a simple text-writing service.

StoriesOnBoard AI knows what a proper user story map looks like and understands user goals, steps, and user stories. If you're new to story mapping, it will help you learn the basics. If you already have a story map with items, StoriesOnBoard AI can definitely suggest new directions and ideas on each level of the story map.

Here's a quick list of the "backlog building" features:

  • collect user goals (or collect more user goals)

  • collect user steps (or find missing steps in the narrative flow)

  • brainstorm user stories

What's more? It could save you a lot of time at writing specifications:

  • writing user story (As a user... I want to... so that...)

  • listing acceptance criteria

...and you can add them to the user story description with just a few clicks.

And there is more... StoriesOnBoard AI helps you deal with marketing stuff. You can ask it to write an easy-to-overview release summary or create an entire release announcement.

Here's an example:

❗️ Important: To start using AI Assist, you should request access to the BETA program

Read more about StoriesOnBoard AI in our AI User Guide

NextGen Story map updates

According to 🎖️🎖️🎖️ Veteran story mappers' request, we added a new theme to the new Story map views. If you still prefer the design where cards are fully colored, then the classic theme is for you!

Moreover, we organized all the coloring features into Settings > Story map settings > Theme and color settings, where you can edit color label names. Plus, you can set up different colors as default color for each level.

❗️ Important: Switching theme and updating color settings will be applied for all members on the story map.

Other updates

  • You can remove the start and/or release date from the release details

  • If you open a collection on the product dashboard, it remains open when you return to the dashboard

  • minor UI updates on the comments sections, so it's easy to read now

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