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Customize cards with unique templates to deliver the right information.

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What is a user story template?

User story templates give the opportunity to set up pre-made text for newly created cards. It helps you to keep the same style and structure on the cards, plus it saves you a lot of time. User story templates allows your team members to be more transparent. Once you set up a user story template, any new user story will be created accordingly to your template.

User story template example

The following example shows how simple can be to fill a story card’s description by answering the predefined fields based on the user story template. This enables to team members to quickly write new user stories focusing on an essential structure.

How to set up user story template?

  1. Open your story map

  2. Go to “Settings”

  3. Select “Story map settings”

  4. Navigate to user story template and click on “Change”

  5. Define new ser story template

Step-by-step guide to create user story template

To create a user story template, open your story map and go to “Settings” then select “Story map settings”.

Then you will see the User story templates option and select “Change".

You can set up your new user story template according to your preferences. Then you need to enable it. Once this is done, every newly created story card will be created accordingly to your template.

Pro Tip

Define individual template for your 1st level and 2nd level cards as well. Use markdown formatting to create a nice-looking template.


This feature is available from Standard or higher subscription packages.

Who can access the template editor?

Only story map admins can manage the user story templates.

Does it work with Story map templates?

Yes, you can add the user story templates on a story map template, so new story maps will have the same setup.

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