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Story details formatting options using Markdown
Story details formatting options using Markdown

Simple formatting in story details

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What is markdown?

Markdown formatting is a simple but powerful way to make your story details more expressive. Some simple formatting options are also available for story card titles. Most of the markdown options have more alternatives.

Formatting options:

You can use the following formatting options for text content:


# Heading1
## Heading2
### Heading3

Alternative H1

Alternative H2







~~Mistaken text~~


> This is a blockquote with two paragraphs.
> Donec sit amet nisl. Aliquam semper ipsum sit amet velit.

Nested block-quote:

> This is the first level of quoting.
> > This is nested block-quote.
> Back to the first level.

Unordered list:

* Red
* Green
* Blue

- Red
- Green
- Blue

+ Red
+ Green
+ Blue

Ordered list:

1. Bird
    1. Parakeet
    1. Parrot
    1. Chicken
1. Dog
1. Cat

Definition list:

Term 1
: Definition 1

Term 2
: This definition has a code block.

        code block


Here is a footnote[^footnote].

  [^footnote]: Here is the *text* of the **footnote**.


Inline `code` has `back-ticks around` it.

Fenced code block:

You can add an optional language identifier to enable syntax highlighting in your fenced code block.

For example, to syntax highlight Ruby code:

require 'redcarpet'
markdown ="Hello World!")
puts markdown.to_html

In case you like to use code blocks only to highlight something or to have nested list items please use:


Lorem ipsum...


Horizontal line:



Visit [StoriesOnBoard](


  • Simple:

  • With title:

![Alt text]( "Optional title")
  • Referenced:

![Alt text][id]

[id]:  "Optional title attribute"

You can get markup for the images attached to the cards by hovering over the image and clicking on "get markup".


Right-aligned Value, centered Qty

| Item     | Value | Qty  |
| -------- | -----:|:---: |
| Computer | $1600 | 5    |
| Phone    | $12   | 12   |
| Pipe     | $1    | 234  |
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