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Simple formatting options in card title – NextGen
Simple formatting options in card title – NextGen

Learn how to customize card titles to drive attention to them.

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What is formatting in card title?

StoriesOnBoard supports formatting in card title to customize your card’s appearance and highlight important information if necessary. Formatting allows to team members to pay attention to details immediately.

What formatting options are available in card title?

  • New line in title : Shift + Enter

  • Italic text in title : _italic_ or italic

  • Bold text highlight in title : __strong__ or **strong**

  • Link in title : paste link in title

Card title formatting examples

Important notice

Please note that when formatted card titles are edited in the connected integrated systems, the formatting will be lost as these systems don’t have support for formatting in titles.

Pro Tip

Markdown formatting is also available in card titles.

💡 Tip - Learn more about Markdown formatting.

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