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Learn how to manage card colors to highlight more details.

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What are custom card colors are used for

Custom card colors are used for distinguishing cards visually to deliver information by simply looking at your story map. Colors can be used for indicating priority, making teams visible by color-coding cards on the story map. Coloring story cards can also help to focus on critical dependencies or blockers by leading attention to these cards. There are many creative way to use colors on your board.

How to access the color settings

  1. Open the story map

  2. Navigate to “Settings”

  3. Select “Story map settings”

  4. Go to “Story map theme and colors” and click on “Change“

  5. Choose between “Classic” or “Light” options

How to rename card colors

You can rename card color to customize your story map appearance to hold unique information for your team. For example, you can create team based color code, differentiate importance of cards or create color themes for different scenarios.

  1. Open the story map

  2. Navigate to “Settings”

  3. Select “Story map settings”Open “Story map theme and colors“

  4. Find the color you want to customize

  5. Rename color by clicking on the Pencil icon

How to set default card colors for each levels

Taking advantage of the visual power of the story map you can drive immediate attention where it is needed. To highlight the backbone of your story map and indicate a clear appearance of goal and step cards you can customize their default color settings. You can set a default color for each levels (goal, step/task and user stories). Any new card will be created according to your settings.

  1. Open the story map

  2. Navigate to “Settings”

  3. Select “Story map settings”Open “Story map theme and colors“

  4. Navigate to “Default card colors”

  5. Select for example Goal cards and choose a preferred default color


  • If you modify the default color settings for User goals, User steps or User stories then only the newly created cards will be added according to the new color preference.

  • In case you want to also apply the new color settings for existing cards as well, you can select multiple cards and change their color property all at once.

💡 Tip - Learn more about Multiple card actions.

How to change card’s color on the story map

It is essential to visually differentiate certain cards or groups to indicate any agreed meaning for the team. Colored cards can hold important information and drive both the internal team and stakeholders' attention on the story map.

  1. Find the card you want to color

  2. Click on the three dots menu

  3. Open “Color” menu

  4. Select a color

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