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Learn more about your options to change multiple selected cards' properties.

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Multiple card actions

Selecting multiple cards enable to apply the same operation or change the selected cards property with a simple action to save a great amount of time. Multiple card selections are a good way to increase efficiency and quickly perform actions that require dedicated attention for a selection of cards on the story map.

How to select multiple cards

To activate the multiple card selection press and hold the Control - CTRL key on Windows computers or Command ⌘ key on Macintosh and select multiple cards by clicking on them to change their property or initiate an operation. Selected cards can be deselected by clicking on them once again using Control - CTRL or Command ⌘ key.

It is also possible to use keyboard shortcuts to select cards:

  • to navigate on the story map use the arrow keys of your keyboard

  • to select cards simply navigate on the story map and use “S” key to select cards

  • to deselect cards use “S” key once again on the card you wish to deselect

  • to clear selection use “X” key.

What actions are available?

Multi selection works with the following options:

  • Move cards to a release

  • Add / remove annotation

  • Change color

  • Add / remove persona

  • Move to another column

  • Change status
    (card status will not update if the card synced with any issue tracker systems)

  • Add assignee

  • Delete selected cards

In case a card is linked to an issue tracker system, the card’s status can only be managed from the issue tracker system itself. In case you need to change the status of linked cards please open them in Jira, Azure DevOps, Trello or the linked issue tracker system. Each linked cards have a direct link which allows you to open the ticket in your issue tracker system.

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