Custom card colors
Learn how to manage card colors to highlight more details.
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What are custom card colors are used for

Custom card colors are used for distinguishing cards visually to deliver infromation by simply looking at your story map. Colors can be used for indicating priority, making teams visible by colorcoding cards on the story map. Coloring story cards can also help to focus on critical dependencies or blockers by leading attention to these cards. There are many creative way to use colors on your board.

How to choose a color for newly created cards

  1. Select the “Color” menu on the story map

  2. Choose a color you want to use for your newly created cards

  3. Create new story card with your preference

  4. After selecting a new color, all the newly created cards will have the same color.

Step-by-step guide for choosing a color for newly created cards

To choose color for newly created cards, select the “Color” menu on your story map to see the list of available colors. Then pick a color you want to create new cards with.

Create a new story card with the selected color. All new cards will be pink until you change the color again in color settings.

How to change color of a selected card

  1. Hover your cursor above the card

  2. Click on the three dots menu in the corner

  3. Select “Color”

  4. Pick the new color you want to use

Step-by-step guide for changing color of selected card

To change a selected card’s color, hover your cursor above the card you want to associate with a new color. Then, click on the three dots menu.

Then select the new color you want to use and your card will be updated.

Pro tip:

Select a color in the color menu you want to use, then you can navigate on your map using your keyboard. Hitting the key combination of SHIFT + C will apply the selected color on your cards.

💡 Tip - Learn more about Keyboard shortcuts on StoriesOnBoard.

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