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Getting Started with StoriesOnBoard
Getting started with StoriesOnBoard
Getting started with StoriesOnBoard

Learn how about the core functionalities on StoriesOnBoard.

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Create your StoriesOnBoard account

Sign up for a StoriesOnBoard account and start your project.

To create your account it takes just a few seconds. As you embark on this journey with us, there is something important to understand:

  • StoriesOnBoard provides an end-to-end product management solution built around the powerful agile user story mapping practice.

Creating an account will automatically add a Product to your workspace which will act like a high-level organizer for the workspace. It is possible to have multiple Products each having their own user and assets.

Create products to organize your assets within your product entity to isolate and share product details only with authorized teams or clients.

There are four core components on StoriesOnBoard

Recommended workflow

When you start your journey on StoriesOnBoard, you will have a default product entity to organize your product assets. We encourage you to start with our suggested workflow as below, then customize your process to fit the most to your unique environment.

Start with a story map

  1. Create user personas
    Start with user personas — add goals, pains and personality for a better understanding their needs.

  2. Map the use journey
    Discover user goals and journeys, and brainstorm with your team using the story map. Add user stories to each step.

  3. Slice out MVP
    Prioritize features based on highest value to the user and define the core product functions and upcoming releases.

  4. Invite stakeholders
    The story map is a visual aid for non-technical stakeholders, invite them to take part of the design process for free.

Build product roadmaps

  1. Share the product vision on a roadmap
    Pick a pre-made product roadmap template and customize it with just a few clicks.

  2. Track progression
    Have quick overview of what's happening in the product team or workflow.

  3. View your portfolio
    Visualize multiple products or workstreams on the single product roadmap with ease.


  1. Prioritize for better decisions
    Start with one of the prioritization framework templates and fine-tune the scoring method to suit your business.

  2. Involve your team
    Make informed product development decisions. Tailor prioritization workflows to your team with custom session rules.

Collect and organize user insights

  1. Streamline user feedbacks
    Integrate your product feedback channels in the same repository and process them easily.

  2. Smart feedback processing
    Save time by using automation and intelligent feature suggestions to process incoming insights quickly and effortlessly.

  3. Develop feature ideas
    Develop feature ideas with your team, add additional content, attachments, and mockups and categorize them according to your needs.

  4. Validate your roadmap
    Share your feature ideas on a public portal and get upvotes and new product ideas from your customers.

Talk to an expert

If you need any assistance to find the best way to start, talk to an expert and get personal guidance to get started in minutes. - Book a product walkthrough.

Have a question?

Please let us know how we can assist you. Text us in the chat. We reply usually within minutes.

Don’t have a StoriesOnBoard account yet? Start your free trial with us today and we will guide you on our platform so you can build great products that users love.

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