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Why StoriesOnBoard?

Learn how StoriesOnBoard can help you

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Why StoriesOnBoard?

Use StoriesOnBoard to plan and visualize your product backlog from the very beginning already in product discovery phase. Collect critical user insights and group them into actionable feature ideas. Build your story map to visualize and communicate your work to be done to stakeholders and supercharge transparency and shared understanding among team members. Take a step back to see the project in a big picture on your product roadmaps and prioritize with deeper context to follow progress over time in any stages.

StoriesOnBoard integrates with Jira, Azure DevOps and Trello in real-time and bidirectional ways to get you started in minutes with great efficiency.

No more hassle to make your customers understand your Jira project. Use StoriesOnBoard during critical customer faced meetings and make them contribute immediately with real value to your projects while you keep the technical part for your product team.

Create your Products and organize product related assets within your product entity. Products allow to isolate dedicated product environments and separate teams or clients from each other making user management even more straightforward.

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Key benefits of using StoriesOnBoard:

  • Define your product vision and identify your priorities quickly

  • Establish great foundation to your product and define your backlog with a visual product discovery tool

  • Make better decisions based on feedback and implement actionable feature ideas into development

  • Create product roadmaps that talks to all level of stakeholders

  • Collaborate and communicate like never before to deliver better results faster

  • Integrate real-time with your existing tools and workflows

StoriesOnBoard workflow overview

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