June 2022

Two-way Jira hierarchy sync for next-gen projects, Roadmaps public beta

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June 15

Roadmaps Public Beta

A few weeks ago we released the very first version of the Roadmaps. Dozens of users applied for the private beta program.

Hey, beta testers! We really appreciate your feedback! 🙏

Most of your insights are included in the new release. Improvements:

  • brand new roadmap templates: Epic roadmap, High-level roadmap

  • labels on roadmap cards (similarly to ideas)

  • comments, attachments

  • sticky header and swimlanes

  • better drag&drop UX

  • switching between roadmap types

  • auto-import features

Don't stop feeding our backlog by sending us feedback directly from the app or by raising insights on the Roadmaps Portal 🗣

Roadmap introduction - for new users

StoriesOnBoard Roadmaps allows you to visualize and track high-level goals among the team or you can invite your stakeholders as well.

The swimlane-type roadmaps help you structure your roadmap into columns (time, process, or priority) and swimlanes allow you to group roadmap cards by products or teams.

Moreover, you can include items from multiple story maps into the same roadmap!

Template types

We added an easy-to-use template selector to pick the most suitable roadmap type.

Release roadmap: gives a quick overview of a single story map, where a roadmap card is assigned to a story map release

Portfolio roadmap: helps you visualize what's happening on multiple story maps. Similarly to the release roadmap releases are linked to roadmap cards.

Epic roadmap: allows you to link a single column to a roadmap card. You can choose where your epics are located (top or second-level), plus you can control which releases are tracked by a single roadmap card.

High-level roadmap: similarly to the Epic roadmap, it works with columns (epics), but you can pull epics from multiple story maps.

User management

During the beta program, all workspace members can create a new roadmap and access existing roadmaps. To share roadmaps with observers, use the Share button.

June 14

Hierarchy sync for Team Manager projects (next-gen projects)

While hierarchy synchronization worked properly back and forth on Company Managed projects (classic software projects), we elevated the integration to the next level.

Now you can choose the hierarchy synchronization on Team-managed projects as well. With this you can keep the structure by syncing user stories with their epics.

No matter where your epics are — top-level or second-level — you can pick the most suitable integration type.

Please find out more in this article.

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