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Jira Hierarchy Synchronization

How to set up the hierarchy synchronization properly? This article will provide you some tips about it.

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To use the hierarchy sync, first of all, you will need a working integration setup with Jira. In case you didn't set this up yet, please visit the following link:
Jira integration setup

If you are new to the Jira integration, please also take a look at the recommended workflow:
Recommended workflow

How does Jira Hierarchy Synchronization work?

Before you start using the hierarchy sync, there is a very important topic we should mention, please read the whole article, especially if you already have hierarchy in one or the other tool. 

There are three options for the hierarchy sync. As a default, the third option is active, which means that only the third level (white cards) will be synchronized with Jira. Like this, it's still possible to pull epics or other issue types from Jira but they will show up as third level cards in StoriesOnBoard.

The next option is to sync Jira epics with the second level in StoB. In this case, all the second level cards (yellow) synchronised with Jira will appear as epics and the third level cards as the selected issue type.

The option on the top is to sync the top level cards in StoB with epics in Jira. Using this will exclude the second level cards from linking them to Jira entirely.

If you already have some kind of hierarchy setup and you are about to change it, once you hit the save button you'll get a warning message which is very important. 

At this point, there are two ways to go with the hierarchy sync. Please make sure to choose the one that suits your needs otherwise, the synchronization can radically change your board in StoriesOnBoard or in Jira.

In case you already have a hierarchy in StoB but don't have it in Jira, we recommend to choose "Sync from StoriesOnBoard to Jira". This will create the same hierarchy in Jira by pushing all the first or second and the third level cards related to any higher level card.

The other option is "Sync from Jira to StoriesOnBoard". This will create the same hierarchy on the story map which you have in Jira by importing the epics as second level cards and rearrange the linked story level children under their parents.

It is possible that you'll need to do a little manual clean up after the sync is turned on and the import is finished, but if you choose the right way of synchronization it will minimize the chance of having a poorly organised board.

The options below the sync section are related to general integration settings, about them, please take a look at the articles I recommended at the top of this page.

Visit the site: StoriesOnBoard - Story Mapping Software For JIRA

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