This notification indicates, that the current number of team members in your StoriesOnBoard workspace exceeds the number of the seats covered in your subscription.

How can I check how many seats do we have?

Subscription Admin can check the current seats in the workspace by selecting Manage users menu from the top menu bar.
We recommend to check your pending invitations for Workspace Admin and Story map admin privileges, as these also count toward your subscription.

How can I add team members to my subscription?

The Subscription Admin can upgrade the subscription in Manage workspace › Billing › Current subscription block by clicking Change Plan button.

You can add the number of team members and/or select monthly/annual billing, then click to Upgrade button on the desired plan.

You can also use the Upgrade button at Manage workspace › Manage subscription menu.

If you do not wish to upgrade your plan you can set some of the team members to Observer in Manage users menu.

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