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How do I change my subscription plan?
How do I change my subscription plan?
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How can I change my subscription plan?

You can start with a plan which best suits your current needs. You can upgrade anytime if you need a higher plan or downgrade if you don’t need the features of the higher plan anymore.

Subscription Admins can change the plan from the workspace dashboard in the Profile menu › Billing menu.

On the next screen you can see your current subscription:

When you change your plan, you may get the following message:

How to disable premium features?

This window will list the features that prevent you from changing your plan and show which plan contains the features you are currently using. You can also check if you are using any story map-related features, which are not included in your current plan in the 'Story Map' column.


Let's see an example. As shown in the screenshot above, the Insight inbox feature is enabled on the workspace, and it's preventing you from changing to a lower-tier plan.

To get rid of the Insight inbox notification you need to open your Dashboard and select the Insights menu and delete all the insights you have. Please make sure that you delete archived insights too. The process is the same for any roadmaps, portals, and ideas you have.

To remove any of the indicated integrations, please navigate to the story map management window (Manage story maps menu):

This screen will show you which story maps have integrations enabled, and you can disable them from the "..." menu.

After removing all the unnecessary features, you should be able to choose any of the lower-tier plans.

If you have further questions or get stuck with the process, please feel free to contact our Support Team.

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