Shortcuts can often make work much more fluent and faster. Fortunately, our tool has a wide range of them and they are working on both Windows and OSX systems.
Just to mention a few examples:

  • After creating a new map, just hit the "N" key to create the first card and give it a short title ( titles have some simple formatting options ), then hit the "Enter" key to save.

  • When we have a few cards, the arrow keys can be used to navigate on them.

  • If a card is selected, hitting "Enter" will bring up the card details window or close it.

  • To delete a card we can use the "Del" button ("Backspace" on Mac) in this case a confirmation window will pop up, here the "Enter" key will delete the card and "Esc" is for cancel the deletion. We can also use the "Shift + Del" combination but in this case without the confirmation window so please be careful with this.

The steps above just a small slice of the capabilities of the keyboard shortcuts.
Here is the full list:

To access the list in StoriesOnBoard just press the "?" button or use the profile menu in the upper right corner: 

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