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Troubleshooting crashes

When you are taken to the Ooops page or simply StoriesOnBoard doesn't work no matter where you click

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How can you report crashes?

Normally we can log these errors and fix them on our own, but sometimes even logging doesn't work. In that case, we'd need your help collecting the error messages thrown by the browser.
Please follow the steps below to report these problems.

Google Chrome

1. Please log out of StoriesOnBoard.

2. Open a new browser window and open the javascript console with Ctrl + Shift + J on Windows and Cmd + Opt + J on macOS.

3. Please make sure that "Preserve log" and "Show timestamps" are checked in the console settings:

4. Now please login to StoriesOnBoard again and work as usual.

5. In case you are encountering the error just open the console and save the log file ( right-click on it and "Save as..." ):

6. You can send the file through email to or simply attach it in the support chat window.

We'll analyze the file and either we'll solve the problem internally and let you know about that or get back to you with possible solutions.

Thank you for your co-operation!

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