March 2024

AI templates, AI languages and other updates

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March 13

AI output language.

We're thrilled to introduce a game-changing update to StoriesOnBoard: the ability to set the language of our AI!

With this enhancement, users can seamlessly select from a range of languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, and more.

🇺🇸 As a user, I want to set AI language in StoriesOnBoard for personalized content.

🇩🇪 Als Benutzer möchte ich die KI-Sprache in StoriesOnBoard einstellen, um personalisierte Inhalte zu erhalten.

🇫🇷 En tant qu'utilisateur, je veux régler la langue de l'IA dans StoriesOnBoard pour du contenu personnalisé.

🇪🇸 Como usuario, quiero configurar el idioma de la IA en StoriesOnBoard para obtener contenido personalizado.

You can find the language settings in the Product Description screen

Once the language is chosen, all AI-generated content, from card titles to user stories, acceptance criteria, release summaries, and announcements, will be tailored accordingly.

What's more, our AI is adept at understanding and responding in the selected language, ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience for every user.

Plus, you have the flexibility to set the AI language on each story map individually, providing personalized control and convenience. Experience the power of language customization of StoriesOnBoard AI!

AI templates

Are you torn between the "As a..., I want to..., So that..." or the "When..., given..., then..." format? With our latest feature, you no longer have to choose!

Our new AI Templates feature empowers you to customize AI responses to suit your unique preferences. Teach StoriesOnBoard AI the format you prefer for crafting user stories and collecting acceptance criteria.

Easily manage templates within Story map settings, akin to our existing Card templates feature. Customize templates for each story map individually, tailoring them precisely to your project needs.

To kickstart your journey, we've curated a selection of templates for inspiration, but the creative reins are in your hands.

Try it out now and revolutionize your workflow with StoriesOnBoard AI Templates!

ℹ️ Available in the Standard, Pro, Plus, and Premium plans.

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