November 2023

Integration settings and story map improvements

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November 10

Trello and Github integration — revamped

From now on, you can set up and update the integration between story map and Trello (or Github). To access integration settings, click the Settings button in the top right corner.

If you set up a new integration, then a step-by-step wizard guides you through the process:

  • Authenticate to issue tracker, select board/repository

  • General settings

  • Export settings

  • Import settings

  • Status mapping

If you have already set up the integration, the settings menu is split into tabs like general settings, import settings, export settings, and status mapping.

☝️ Integration settings can be managed only by story map admins

Improvements in story card details

We added handy functions to make working on the card details view more comfortable.

  • You can select any part of the description to copy and paste without entering the editor mode.

  • Card colors can be updated from this view

  • You can instantly delete the opened storycard

Do you still miss something from this view? Let us know!

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