January 2024

Archive Goal and minor improvements

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Januar 23

Convert cards to notes (transparent cards)

The transparent cards are now available on the NextGen story map. To switch a card to transparent (note), click on the "..." menu on the card, then select "Convert to note". To switch a not back to a regular story map card you should do the same: "Convert to card".

New to Notes (transparent cards)?

Notes are great for adding more context or highlighting info on a story map. For example, displaying release goals, OKRs, or other initiatives.

What's more? Notes aren't synchronized to the issue tracker and aren't counted in other reports.

January 17

Focus Release

Tired of browsing cards on a wide story map just to overview the current interactions cards? The focus release option is here to help. Hit the focus button on the release toolbar and hide away all the cards and columns that are not relevant to the current release.

In focus release mode, you have all the abilities to manage your backlog: you can switch between story map views and prioritize and rearrange story cards.

If you want to get back to the regular view, simply hit the Exit release focus button.

Collapse Activity

Based on your request, the collapse activity is back! From now on, you can collapse top-level cards along with their children into a single column. User story cards are summarized right below the collapsed card.

If you collapse an activity card it remains collapsed when you jump back to the story map. This view setting is saved only for you, so it won't affect how others see the same story map.


Looking for a card or a conversation? Open the revamped search feature, which allows you to search in card titles, card descriptions, or even in comments.

If you click on a card, the search result will be hidden away, but don't worry - if you click the magnifying glass again, it shows the last search.

Other useful improvements

Estimation rollup

Estimation values are summarized and rolled up to parent cards in the Backlog view.

Filter by priority

We extended the filter options to include priority values. You can filter cards by priority, business value, or effort. These filter options are available on all story map views.

Tips on how to use it:

  • Search for top-prio stories (cards with high priority value) or quick-wins (cards with low effort value)

  • Search for cards that have no priority values

January 3

Archive goal

If you're working on a large, particularly wide story map, navigating through empty or unused columns can be tiresome. User goals and their steps might fall outside the current scope.

User goals might be identified during the discovery phase but remain undetailed due to low priority. Alternatively, user goals could have been achieved and delivered in a previous release, with the release archived, yet the backbone part persists.

The Archive option allows you to conveniently hide a top-level card and its children without losing any data. Plus, you can easily restore them with just a few clicks.

New home for archived items

If you want to restore top-level cards and their children, or a release simply navigate to the Settings menu in the top right corner, then open the Archived Items menu to access the list of archived items.

Further improvements

Trello integration - push card to Trello

From now on, you have the option to choose where the pushed card will appear on the Trello list. You can create the card as either the first item or the last item on the list. This setting can be adjusted in the integration settings menu.

Unschedule card

If you're working on the card details, you can simply remove the card from the current iteration and place it into unscheduled cards without closing the card.

Minor improvements

  • Card colors and annotations are added to the About this board panel

  • Roadmap card UX improvements

  • Insight inbox UI improvements

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