October 2023

StoriesOnBoard AI and NextGen story map improvements

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October 19

Card Keys

We're excited to unveil the newest addition to our suite: Card Key! Designed with efficiency and user experience in mind, Card Key promises to revolutionize how you interact with your story map.

Why Card Key?

  • Instant Reference: With Card Key, you can now instantly identify and navigate to your project tasks, streamlining your workflow like never before.

  • Enhanced Collaboration: Discussing tasks with your team? Simply refer to the Card Key for precise and efficient communication.

How to turn on this feature?

Open Settings > Admin Settings to enable the feature. Remember: once you've entered a three-letter key, you can modify it. If you don't need the ID, simply turn it off in the same screen. The keys are stored, so you can make them visible anytime.

(only story map admins can open this settings)

☝️This feature is available only in Standard and Plus plans or higher.

October 5

Self-service AI

Say goodbye to the BETA program; StoriesOnBoard AI is available on all workspaces. Plus, tokens are refilled each month based on your subscription plan.

Here is a quick recap of what ✨ StoriesOnBoard AI ✨ can do for you

👉 Collect user goals

👉 Collect user steps

👉 Brainstorm user story cards

👉 Write user stories

👉 Collect acceptance criteria

👉 Write a release summary

👉 Write a release announcement

Tiny Tweaks, Major Leaps

You can speed up the brainstorming session by clicking the Use and Collect More button to add more AI-generated items without leaving the dialog.

Recurring tokens

Personal plan — 20K tokens

Plus plan — 100K tokens

Premium plan — 150K tokens

Basic plan — 50K tokens

Standard plan — 100K tokens

Pro plan — 150K tokens

Recurring tokens

To turn on all the AI functionalities, you should go to the AI Assist page and enable StoriesOnBoard AI.

❗️Note: Only subscription admins can turn on the AI assistance.

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