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Card keys on the story map - NextGen

Learn more about how to configure card keys on the story map.

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What are card keys

Card keys are unique identifiers that can be set for each cards on the story map. Card keys will be displayed on each cards.

Who can configure card keys

If you have Admin permission, you can configure card keys. If you are a Member, please contact to an Admin to enable this feature on the story map.

How to setup card keys

To setup card keys on the story map follow the instructions below:

  1. open the story map

  2. go to “Settings”

  3. open “Admin settings”

  4. enter prefix value (at least 3 letters)

  5. enable prefix


  • Please make sure you set the right prefix for your card key because that cannot be modified in a later stage.

  • The prefix must contains at least three letters (eg. ABC)

  • The prefix cannot contain special characters or number

Once you configured and enabled card keys in settings. They will be displayed on each cards of the story map. New cards will also get card keys automatically.

How to hide card keys

To hide card keys, visit card keys settings and follow the steps below:

  1. Open “Settings” on the story map

  2. Select “Admin settings”

  3. Click to “Disable card keys”


Card keys available in the following plans:

  • Standard

  • Pro

  • Plus

  • Premium

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