September 2023

Timeline view for story maps, story maps UX improvements

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September 27

Filters on the NextGen story map

The filter feature arrived on the NextGen story map, too. Enjoy the same functionality with some additional benefits:

  • You can filter cards by assignees

  • Cards can be filtered by status

Like the previous version, you can select filtered cards and take bulk actions.

Here are some hints what Filters can be used for:

  • filter what happened while you were away

  • find cards that are assigned to you

  • find cards that aren't (and need to be) assigned

  • find cards that aren't specified

  • find cards that haven't been synced to the issue tracker yet

September 20

Release view 2.0

We gave a massive boost to the Release View (Tracking view on NextGen story map) to make it more helpful in your everyday life.

First things first, a lot happened under the hood — it's now technically merged with the NextGen Story map, which comes with the following benefits:

  • 🏎️ super-fast when switching between story map views and the Release view

  • 🤓 all the great features of the NextGen story map are added

  • ⚡️ it is now real-time (all changes made on other screens or by other users will be visible on each screen)

New features

  • direct access to story map share and settings menu

  • you can manage annotations directly from the toolbar

  • card design from the story map ("..." menu appears on hover)

  • the card's "..." offers all the actions you can take on the story map (annotations, color, estimate, delete etc.)

  • update release start/end date

...and you can create new cards directly on the release view 🎉

All the cards you create here are placed into the first column of the story map — "Unordered user stories".

Read the detailed guide about Release view here.

September 13

Bulk actions on the NextGen story map

Improve productivity with bulk actions — Similarly to the old user story map, you can select multiple cards with CTRL/CMD + CLICK or by pressing the S key on an active card.

In addition to the good old functions, we added new features. You can change the cards' status or assign/unassign them.

September 5

Timeline view

We're thrilled to introduce you to the latest addon, the Timeline view — your next big step in optimizing product delivery and planning.

What is Timeline View?

The Timeline View is an innovative approach to visualizing your product's journey. Derived from the story map, it aids in planning, delivering, and maintaining alignment with your team's goals.

Furthermore, it brings life to stakeholder meetings, making communication more transparent and efficient.

With each release marked by a distinct start and end date, the Timeline View becomes your go-to for a comprehensive overview of product delivery—allowing you to peek into the future and see what's set to come and when.

Why Embrace Timeline View?

  • 🔍 Gain a bird's eye view of your entire product delivery.

  • 🤝 Strengthen team alignment and stakeholder communication.

  • 🚀 Enhance the efficiency of managing product backlogs and planning releases.

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