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How to export your story maps to excel, image, or pdf?
How to export your story maps to excel, image, or pdf?

How to print your story maps?

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Where can I find the exporting options?

You can export your map from the boards "... / Export" & Print menu:

The exported artefacts can be used for printing as well.
​If you don't see that menu, please make sure that you have Admin role on the map. The creator of the map can set your role to admin with the Share button on the board.

You can export your map as an excel backlog, map in an excel spreadsheet, PNG image, or a multi-page PDF document.


The exported backlog is in .xlsx format, which can be re-imported later as a new story map as described in the article How to import existing stories into StoriesOnBoard?

The exported file will contain the structure of the map, releases, personas, workflow settings, colors, annotations, and Jira issue keys on different tabs. Like this, the imported map will be the same as the source.

Download the exported backlog sample here: exported_backlog.xlsx

Story map in a spreadsheet

The map style excel export can be also used to print the map on larger paper sizes such as A0 in plotters.
Download the exported map sample here: exported_map.xlsx

PNG image

πŸ’‘ Printable PDF document

Download the exported PDF sample here: exported-storymap.pdf

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