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Learn how to use custom statuses and map with issue trackers.

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What is custom workflow

Custom workflow provides the flexibility to implement unique workflows in your projects on StoriesOnBoard. Custom workflow allows your team to structure their work process to have a better understanding with more details. It facilitate faster delivery and helps to see where your projects stand. You can create your own custom workflow from product discovery to delivery tracking. Custom workflow connects and unites your entire team, even cross-functional departments will have a clear picture how the project is going and in which stage your items are.

How to set up custom workflow

  1. Open your story map

  2. Go to “Settings“

  3. Open “Story map settings”

  4. In workflow settings select “Change”

  5. Click on “Add new”

  6. Name the new status

  7. Choose a color for the new status

  8. Click on “Save”

Step-by-step guide to create custom workflow

To create your custom workflow, you need to open the story map you want to work with. Then navigate to “Settings”.

Then select “Custom workflow” and click on “Change”.

You have the ability to add new statuses under the main categories as To-Do, Active, and Done by clicking on “Add new”.

Name the new status according to the need of your workflow and select a color for the status, then click “Save”.

To modify the name of a status, edit their color, or delete the status you can proceed by clicking on the three dots menu.

Status mapping with issue tracker systems

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